Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Unlike traditional diaphragm pump driven systems, CataFlow's heating units generate their own continuous electricity to pump the warmed glycol mix through the heat trace. This eliminates the need for any external power or battery back-up, giving you a low-maintenance, self-powered unit with around-the-clock reliability in even the most remote locations and during the coldest months.

How does it work?

Cataflow unites generate their own electricity through a 24,000 BTU (CT-20), 12,000 BTU (CT-10) or 5,000 BTU (CT-5) explosion-proof, flameless infrared catalytic heater. The heater is powered by gas, direct from the well head, or liquid propane gas. The unit absorbs the energy from the heat produced by the catalytic heater, which casts short- wave infrared heat, like a small sun. The energy is then converted to dc power that directly drives a DC electric pump.

CataFlow Technologies does the same job, better, with far less waste, emissions and downtime for the customer.
~Kristoffer Shouldice, VP, GreenPath Energy